We conducted a short survey among our readers, and asked them a question:

Where is the majority of your salary spent?

We deliberately gave them only 2 options: Rent; or, commute to work.

The answer delighted us.

About 70% spend their salary on rent, while approx 30% spend it on the commute.

It is smarter to be spending money on your rent, compared to commute to work.

Here’s why:

Spending less on commute means you spend less time traveling to work. This reduces time wasted in commute and improves your quality of life.

Even financially, you get a tax break on the amount you pay for rent under the House Rent Allowance (HRA) provision. So the net impact on your finances is lower.

We understand that the decision is not always easy. Location of your spouse’ place of work or your child’s school may impact your decision. But it should be a conscious choice.