CEO Josh Wilson and Co-founder Mathew Keeley joined The Money Podcast to chat all things superannuation. Strap yourself in. Enjoy!

Skip ahead to 28:40 to hear the conversation with Josh and Mat 🙂

In this episode the following is covered:
*How you can guide where you invest with GROW Super
*Why Joshua and Mathew think voluntary contributions and not fees are the most important factor in superannuation
*How to decide whether or not to make voluntary contributions to your super
*What Joshua and Mathew think are the main issues in the super industry
*The process to go through when choosing your investment option in Super
*What to watch out for with Super
*The reason why having more than one super account can be disadvantageous to you
*Why you shouldn’t check your super balance every day
*What Mat thinks about investing super in index funds
*Why GROW Super chose to partner with Dimensional Fund Advisors
*What is in the future for GROW
*Josh and Mat’s answers to the ‘finquisition’: What they invest in and the best/worst financial advice they’ve received